Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hells Bells Part II

Command dice #1 activates the sniper in the bell tower.

Hells Bells Part II

German Phase

German Command Dice rolls another 5, two x 1's, three x 2's

Second 5 of the Game means the  Germans are up to 2 Chain of Command Point

Command Dice scores of 1 and 2 are added to get 3 which activates Fallschirmjager 1st squad. Again the order is "At the Double" three dice score 14.

1st squad enters the cemetery

Moving towards the church at full sprint....

Overview of the squad nearing the church...

Shot scores a 6 (needed a 4-6) Damage roll is a 5...and thats a kill...d10 is rolled to see is the NCO hit (1 is a hit) scores a 6 so the leader is safe)
Man Down! It's first blood to the Germans...
Next activation with a 1 is the MG42 again in the church tower...

The MG42 has spotted some movement below beyond the hedgerow

...the MG team thrusts the gun further forward in an attempt to create a suitable angle...before letting loose with a devastating burst of firepower...

Rumor has it that Rommel's in the area but its just the wildlife fleeing the sound of gunshots

MG42's firepower is 10 and since they have chosen the fire order there will be a full quota total of 10 dice. The Airborne are Elite, at close range so 5 and 6's to hit. So thats 6 hits with the 10 dice.

The Paratroopers are in Hard Cover but the MG42's firepower lowers the Hit Effect to Light Cover but since they have gone Tactical they are considered to be making themselves more difficult to hit so for the purposes of the Hit Effect Table they are actually considered to be in Hard Cover. So only 6's cause kills while only 5's cause Shock. So that's one of each. I use a d10 to find out if the leader is hit...on a 1 he's dead...but it rolls a 6...he's safe
The small blood spot denotes the 1 Point of Shock
 "Man Down" ...

The same dice roll 2 killed and 3 Shock...being in such close proximity to the German MG the US 2nd squad need to take some decisive action or they'll be facing a real massacre. (The truth is the German rolling was not as spectacular as it looks here I played this wrong at the time using twice the amount of hit dice hence the amount of damage)

US Phase 

US Command Dice: 1xD5, 2x D3, 1x D2, 1xD1 (House Rule: I have the Elite US using only 5 due to the Germans superior leadership in this scenario) The D5 increases the Command Dice total.
US CoC Dice increased to  3

D3 Activates the US NCO who spends 1 Command Point to activate the 1st squad's rifle team. He orders them into the farmhouse double fast. They roll an 11 which means all but one of the rifle team makes it into the building.

NCO  uses his next Command Point to activate the MG Team. Moving on a single die they roll a 6 which is move than enough to move them down the lane towards a hedge that has a clear view of the church.
The MG Team put some fire on the bell tower.

Hits need 6's to hit...they luckily get 3

The three hits score a kill and 1 Point of Shock
Some excellent shooting coupled with some good fortune knocks out one the Germans (and also causes 1 Shock)

Next D3 is applied to 2nd squads NCO who orders his MG team to move into a shooting position.

A 6 is rolled for movement which again is well over whats needed...The MG1919 is set up in the hedge preparing to give some fire on the top window of the church steeple

US are at close range so need 5 or 6's to hit the German MG42....but only one hit
The MG Team are close to being pinned with 2 Shock 

German 2nd Phase (Last Phase of 1st Turn)

3 D6's mean the end of the Turn after this German Phase with the Germans also having the first phase of the next round.
MG42 lets rip again hoping to hold the US advance long enough for reinforcements to come to their help. Any firing will be negatively effected by their 2 Shock.

The MG42 only rolls 8 dice due to the Shock. They get 3 hits which in turn causes another death and 2 more shock.

Leader has a narrow escape with his casualty roll

Another dead GI and the squad is is beginning to fall apart....
The squad has now received more Shock Points than half their number...

But the result of the squad sustaining high casualties and the accumulating psychological effect of enduring constant fire (Shock)  is the entire squad is pinned down in the ditch!

To Be Continued....

Have a Very Merry Christmas!