Wednesday, 18 December 2013


 I've been asked by several viewers that I might explain how a few of the terrain effects were achieved and I do plan on posting some terrain making tips. One of the effects most asked about is the river. 

The river is very simply created using a mix of different colour sand: blue, green and brown. BTW it's important that the terrain mat you use is well sealed if your placing lots of sand on it especially if it's vulnerable to shedding or been damaged in some way. I made my own mat using sands and various materials and then painted and then sealed it a lot afterwards.

The key to the river looking effective is having the ability to elevate the area around so the river itself is based on a sunken bed. I use the foam tile method beneath my cloth with batting sandwiched in between forming the elevations. The river is made using a more subtle amount of batting around the surrounding area so it is slightly raised. Where you plan on placing your river is obviously kept free from batting. The cloth is placed on top and pins are used to give definition to the river. This is where the foam tiles come in very handy. The pins penetrate the cloth and batting and are held firm when thy stick into the foam tiles.

If like me you use sand for roads and various effects on the table I find a dust buster is a great help in picking up the different sands and storing them for future use.

Anyway I hope my description is somewhat understandable but as I said I will post a visual tutorial later.

Thanks again guys and happy modelling