Saturday, 14 December 2013

Welcome To "War In Black And White" ...

This is my blog dedicated to miniature wargaming. Apart from my intent to post AAR's...

I play mainly WWII in 15mm and 20mm. At the moment my favourite war-game rules have to be the Battlegroup series (Kursk, Overlord etc...) and for smaller skirmish type engagements: TooFatLardies Chain of Command. I also believe Fireball Forward to be one of those systems that gives one of the most flowing intuitive gaming experiences. Another Company Level game I love is IABSM. Its emphasis on the primary role played by leaders and their influence is a huge attraction to me. Also provides a simulation of warfare that emphasizes the friction and chaos evident on the WW2 battlefield.  In my experience each of these games give enjoyable and very different game experiences with each capturing a certain flavour or feel of WWII.

I also play some LofR gaming with my kids and I plan to post some pictures of a "Mine of Moria"scenario game we played recently.

I'm always mucking about with creating various terrain or gaming effects and I intend to post some of my ideas on how to make your gaming table a little less "gamey."

First up though will be a Chain of Command AAR I played a few days ago. Set in Normandy the fighting takes place amongst several farmhouses and a church  between a US 101st Platoon and a defending Fallschirmj√§ger Platoon. Incredible game...well worth checking out.

Thanks for stopping by!