Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Crossfire Firefight Stalemates

Let me emphasize that Crossfire in my opinion  is the war-game I've ever played...it is a fantastic game without interference with the rules. These are just suggestions that might suit some tastes :)

When I first played crossfire I thought Firefight Stalemates was a real problem. Most firefights behind decent cover turned into a real stalemate.

But historically is this unreasonable. I don't think so. In fact I get a little frustrated with many games because I feel units are "killed" too easily. I much prefer a gradual deterioration of morale. I also favour a game that simulates a defender thats difficult to remove from a position of hard cover. Crossfire in my opinion handles both aspects really well.

Paradoxically historically accurate as this may be it may not always make for the most dramatic and exciting of games. It can become a war die tossing.

I propose two House that may address this.

Suggestion 1

How about pinned rifle squads having a 180 degree firing arc.

In a firefight its inevitable that teams or squads will quickly become pinned. This has little effect in the overall game normally. But with this rule both sides could continue to slog it out while a disengaged friendly active unit could move and  out flank the enemy unit thats engaged in the firefight without receiving reactive fire.

Suggestion 2

From my games years ago this was the most frustrating aspect of the Crossfire firefight:
You'd spend 20 mins firing at an enemy in cover to acquire a decent amount of suppressions so you could at least make an attempt at a successful close assault.
You'd get maybe two but there was still two more including an MG unit needed…"too risky for a charge across no-mans land without suppressing that MG" you'd say to yourself. You wait for that illusive 3rd or 4th suppression but in the meantime your opponent wins back the initiative  and keeps on rallying those suppressed troops…back to square one.

So my second suggestion is that we when in a firefight (just under the conditions of a firefight) when a leader PC or CC attempts to rally a squad if that squad fails to rally then an adjacent friendly squad automatically goes down one morale level.

IE. normal goes Pinned, Pinned to Suppressed.
But if all neighbouring units are suppressed then the nearest unit (squad or leader)  is then suppressed. I don't believe any unit should be killed (thats the job of the bayonet)
This should speed up the demolition of morale by firefight and encourage close assaults.

Again let me know what you think…