Monday, 25 August 2014

Crossfire With Individual Figures

A Quick Look At Crossfire 

I've started playing Crossfire recently and its been just great :)

I have some 15mm based for Crossfire but I really wanted to try out my 20mm. The only problem is they're individually based. The rules themselves are not particularly strict on the type of basing method as long as there is some form of consistency:
"The number of figures on a base is up to you. We recommend* the following basing:
15mm -20mm infantry/weapons are based on 1-1/4" square.
Note: This 1-1/4" square width is also used as a game aid for certain aspects of movement, firing and rallying."

*emphasis mine

I simply arrange my individually based troops in the recommended sizes: squads are made up of three  men placed closely together with slight markings on their bases:

I like the way individual minis can fit in neat little nooks

I can remind myself of the Platoon number by having a marker on the very edge of the table as well as beneath the model with a sticker:

German 2nd Platoon taking on The 101st 1st Platoon

As mentioned the base widths used for certain rule mechanisms such as command radius when organizing a group fire. For my "individual" based minis I use some transparent mobile templates that can be easily suspended over the minis in question:

placing the centre of the template over the PC with the base front aligned with the minis front
For multi-fig bases I use the centre mini and his front for exact positioning of the template.  
For larger distances I've discovered this instrument that must Crossfire players will not be familiar with: a ruler

These are not my hands!

For Hidden Deployment I use various 'landmarks' or terrain accessories like this "well"

Sticker with Troop description

Perhaps there's an entire Platoon in the bog...

Maybe this squad has just watched the 2nd Hobbit movie

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Perhaps under this scarecrow lies the British mortar team

Anything can hide their position

Thanks for looking....